Gintama Anime - Altered Openings & Endings

Opening 3

  Episode 67

To give a reason for Gintoki to send his bike to Gengai for repairs, the bike trips over a banana peel, rolls into the fence, and explodes.

Opening 5

  Episode 112

With episode 112 airing on Katsura's birthday, Katsura celebrates it by trying to change the show to Katsuratama.

  Episodes 121-123

The legendary player in the MMORPG "Monkey Hunter" temporary replaces Ito in the opening.

Opening 8

Episodes 177-181 Episodes 182, 184-201

Gintoki rallies his allies during the Anti-Foreigner War. He's alone for a few of the first episodes, but he is later accompanied by Katsura, Takasugi, and Sakamoto.

Episode 183

The opening was soon mutilated when Otae takes out Sorachi (the author) during the Character Poll arc.

Opening 9

  Episode 224

They finally screw up after doing the opening 23 times in a row.

  Episode 227

As a result of the crossover, Sket Dance enters the scene.

Opening 10

  Episode 240

Hasegawa joins the ladies for a "special" reason.

Ending 6

Episode 71 Episode 74

Tama appears for a brief moment for the ending of the last episode of her arc. Ryotsu from Kochikame appears during the Kochikame anniversary special.

Ending 7

  Episode 82

The Shogun (after playing the shogun game with the gang) replaces Hasegawa just for this one episode.

Ending 9

Episode 108

An old photo of Kyojiro, Mashiroi, and Utsuzo is displayed.

Ending 10

  Episode 123

The gamer aliens' UFO shows up once at the end of the arc.

Ending 11

  Episode 138

Prototype Yorozuya begins to replace the original characters in the latter half of the ending.

Ending 12

Episode 139 Episodes 140-149

Kamui's face is hidden until his debut episode.

Ending 14

  Episodes 167-168

While Tama is still affected by the virus in the Tama Quest arc, she stays that way during the ending.

Ending 15

  Episodes 182-184

During the Character Poll Arc, their current standings continue to follow the characters. There are also two #24s at the same time for a brief moment in episode 182.

Ending 16


Each episode's ending featured something different depending on the content of the episode.

  Episode 227

As a result of the crossover, Sket Dance enters the scene.

  Episode 227

The Yorozuya are properly dressed for the occasion, too.

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