Ginpachi-sensei Volume 1

Gintama Class 3-Z Ginpachi-sensei

銀魂 3年Z組銀八先生

Pages: 244
Release: 2006/2/3

ISBN-10: 4-08-703164-0
ISBN-13: 978-4-08-703164-5

A must-see for fans! Gintama becomes a light novel!

The light novel based on the Gintama extra, "Class 3-Z Ginpachi-sensei". Fully packed with original author Sorachi Hideaki's illustrations, the campus life of the Gintama characters unfolds!


Lecture 1: The Cram School Teacher Said You Don't Need to Ace the Test Because 70% was Good Enough, Didn't He
第一講: 100点取らなくていい70点でいいって塾の先生言うよね
Lecture 2: Scaring People is Also a Skill
第二講: 人を怖がらせるのも一つの技術である
Lecture 3: If You Play Baseball, It Shouldn't Be Played Like This
第三講: 野球するならこういう具合にしてはいけません
Lecture 4: You May Say that Cultural Festivals are Boring, But You Actually Enjoy Them Don't You?
第四講: 文化祭なんてつまんねぇって言ってるくせに、本当はお前楽しんでるだろ?

Chapter 3's title is pretty much a parody of the Yakyuken Song, where one of the lines is "If you play baseball, it should be played like this".

Character Profiles

Sakata Ginpachi


Homeroom teacher for class 3-Z. Has naturally wavy hair and slight glycosuria. He's unworthy of being a teacher, but for some reason the students acknowledge him.

Shimura Shinpachi


A student from Class Z. Sits second from the front by the windows near the hallway. In charge of being the straight man!?



An exchange student. She is a female high school student with a cute appearance but an abnormal appetite.



An exchange student. A female high school student with manly eyebrows and a thick face. Has cat ears.

Okita Sogo


A good-looking member of the Discipline Committee.

Hijikata Toshiro


The Vice Chairman of the Discipline Committee with sharp eyes.

Shimura Tae


Shinpachi's sister. A graceful and beautiful woman, but her personality is brutal.

Kondo Isao


The Discipline Committee Chairman who is accompanied by Okita and Hijikata. Has a gorilla face.

Katsura Kotaro


A quiet male student. Keeps a mysterious being named Elizabeth as a pet.


  • Book spine is Ginpachi-sensei.
  • A lot of parts of the cover are animated into Ending 4.
  • Includes a color fold-out illustration of the characters. The following 19 characters are featured: Ginpachi, Shinpachi, Kagura, Otae, Sadaharu, Hijikata, Okita, Kondo, Katsura, Elizabeth, Catherine, Hasegawa, Sacchan, Hedoro, Ane, Mone, Oryo, Hanako, Kimiko.
  • Pg. 82 is an illustration of Ginpachi, Zenzo, Otose, Matsudaira, Hata, and Jii.
  • Pg. 105 is an illustration of Ginpachi, Shinpachi, and Kagura looking at Kondo with his head down on his desk.
  • Pg. 162 is an illustration of Ginpachi, Shinpachi, Kagura, and Hijikata on the baseball field. Hijikata has a bottle of mayonnaise in his back pocket.
  • Pg. 170 is an illustration of Ginpachi on his scooter, Kagura riding Sadaharu, Okita sleeping, Sacchan chasing Ginpachi, Hijikata and Kondo, and Otae with Hanako and Oryo. This was briefly animated into the yearbook at the end of Ending 16.

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