Ginpachi-sensei Volume 3

Gintama Class 3-Z Ginpachi-sensei 3: Let's Go to the Student Consultation Room!

銀魂 3年Z組銀八先生 3 生徒相談室へ行こう!

Pages: 208
Release: 2008/7/4

ISBN-13: 978-4-08-703193-5

Continuing its serialization in Jump Square, the light novel series reaches its third book!


Lecture 1: I Don't Need to Unreasonably Face a Criminal on a Cliff Right?
第一講: 無理に崖の上で犯人と対決しなくてもいいんじゃね?
Lecture 2: Because I Get Absorbed in Reading Old Jumps, Spring Cleaning Goes Nowhere
第二講: 昔のジャンプを読みふけっていたせいで大掃除がはかどりませんでした
Lecture 3: There Are Guys Who Cause Miracles When No One's Looking
第三講: 誰も見ていないところでミラクルを起こす奴がいる
Supplementary Lecture : When I Go for a Consultation, I Generally Find the Answer Before We Even Talk
第補講: 人に相談する時って、たいがい相談する前に自分の中でもう答えが出てる

Character Profiles

Sakata Ginpachi


Homeroom teacher for class 3-Z. He's unworthy of being a teacher, but for some reason the students acknowledge him.

Shimura Shinpachi


He's a plain guy, but he's in charge of being the straight man.



An exchange student. She is a female high school student with a cute appearance but an abnormal appetite.

Shimura Tae


Shinpachi's sister. Beautiful, but her personality is brutal.

Kondo Isao


Discipline Committee Chairman. He became a stalker after awakening his strong feelings towards Tae.

Hijikata Toshiro


The Vice Chairman of the Discipline Committee with sharp eyes.

Okita Sogo


A super sadistic and good-looking member of the Discipline Committee.

Yamazaki Sagaru


An inconspicuous Discipline Committee member who plays nothing but kabaddi and badminton.

Sarutobi Ayame


Nickname is Sacchan. A super masochistic glasses girl who loves Ginpachi.

Katsura Kotaro


A quiet male student. Keeps a mysterious being named Elizabeth as a pet.


  • Book spine is a Justaway in a school uniform.
  • Includes a four-part omake short story at the end of the book.
  • Includes a color fold-out illustration of the Kiheitai. The following 4 characters are featured: Takasugi, Bansai, Matako, Henpeita, Nizo. This image was animated in Ending 16.
  • Pg. 47 is a one-page Ginpachi manga that was animated in Episode 124.
  • Pg. 108 is an illustration of Yamazaki asking Tama out for some tea. Tama points at a gasoline station.
  • Pg. 167 is a one-page Ginpachi manga that was animated in Episode 124.
  • Pg. 203 is an illustration of Ginpachi sitting and looking out of a window.

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