Ginpachi-sensei Volume 6

The Return of Gintama Class 3-Z Ginpachi-sensei Phoenix: Funky Monkey Teachers

銀魂 帰ってきた3年Z組銀八先生フェニックス ファンキーモンキーティーチャーズ

Pages: 240
Release: 2012/10/4

ISBN-13: 978-4-08-703277-2

Ginpachi-sensei is being robbed of the leading role by the crazy 3-Z students. The main characters of the school aren't the students... it's us teachers!


Lecture 1: We Can't Have You Think You're a Know-it-All After a Single Day. Huh? Nobody Said They Got It? I'm Sorry.
第一講: 1日体験したくらいで、すべてをわかった気になってもらっちゃ困る。え?誰もわかったなんて言ってない?じゃあ、ごめん。
Lecture 2: Huhuhuh? We Didn't Graduate!!
第二講: ややや?卒業生がやってこない!!
Lecture 3: Adults Playing Doctor is Different than the Ones Children Play
第三講: 大人のお医者さんごっこは、子どものそれとはわけが違う。
Lecture 4: Doing That Thing with a Ball and Something with a Stick in an Sports Festival Sounds Kinda Wrong
第四講: 玉をアレしたり棒をナニしたり、体育祭って、なんかエッチ。


  • Book spine is Prince Hata.
  • Includes a color fold-out illustration of the teachers: Sakamoto, Tsukuyo, Zenzo, Ginpachi, Matsudaira, and Gengai in the style of one of Sorachi's previous color pages and Ending 19 "Anagura".
  • Includes Ginpachi's Faculty Certificate.
  • Pg. 12 is an illustration of Prince Hata in front of Tsukuyo.
  • Pg. 222 is an illustration of the 6 teachers doing a Sentai Ranger pose.
  • Includes a zPad at the end of the book which is essentially a paper cardboard iPad "running" an app called BoyaiTTer. You are meant to use an erasable marker (something you can wipe off) on it.

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