In celebration of the Gintama serialization breaking through its first anniversary

The 1st Character Popularity Poll Results

Conducted in the #2 issue of Weekly Shonen Jump in 2005.

1st Sakata Gintoki 2,632 Votes
2nd Okita Sogo 1,515 Votes
3rd Hijikata Toshiro 1,512 Votes
4th Takasugi Shinsuke 1,500 Votes
5th Yamazaki Sagaru 1,458 Votes

6th Katsura Kotaro 1,291 Votes   14th Sorachi Hideaki 285 Votes
7th Kagura 878 Votes 15th Mutsu 284 Votes
8th Shimura Shinpachi 873 Votes 16th Sadaharu 280 Votes
9th Sakamoto Tatsuma 679 Votes 17th Terada Ayano (Otose) 188 Votes
10th Kondo Isao 543 Votes 18th Prince Hata 174 Votes
11th Elizabeth 374 Votes 19th Justaway 172 Votes
12th Shimura Otae 350 Votes 20th Sarutobi Ayame 168 Votes
13th Hasegawa Taizo 332 Votes      

21th Kimiko (Hammy) 137 Votes   22nd Catherine 133 Votes
23rd Matsudaira Katakuriko 132 Votes 24th Ebina 128 Votes
25th Editor: Onishi 127 Votes 26th Musashi 125 Votes
27th Zurako 121 Votes 27th Pako 121 Votes
29th Hiraga Saburo 117 Votes 30th Tatsumi 115 Votes

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