2nd Character Popularity Poll

Total Number of
30567 Votes!!

19th 289 Votes Kawakami Bansai
20th 245 Votes Okita Mitsuba
21th 230 Votes Ito Kamotaro
22nd 192 Votes Justaway
23rd 188 Votes Kijima Matako
24th 185 Votes Tama (Fuyo Unit Zero Prototype)
25th 133 Votes Tojo Ayumu
26th 122 Votes Sarutobi Ayame (Sacchan)
27th 121 Votes Terakado Tsu
28th 113 Votes Abuto
29th 111 Votes Prince Hata
30th 107 Votes Nakamura Kyojiro
  107 Votes Mutsu
32nd 89 Votes Kanemaru-kun
33rd 86 Votes Matsudaira Katakuriko
34th 83 Votes Taka-tin
35th 82 Votes Umibozu
36th 81 Votes Hedoro
37th 74 Votes Otose-san
38th 69 Votes KIM (Kimura Chutaro)
39th 66 Votes Tokugawa Shigeshige
40th 63 Votes Musashi-like Person

Hideaki Sorachi's Thoughts
Thank you very much for all the submissions.
I think Shinpachi will be working hard together with that guy until he's number one.

* Submissions accepted in the #8 issue of Weekly Shonen Jump in 2009, results released in the #30 issue.

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