Gintama Manga - Volume 10

Even an Inch-long Insect Has a Soul

Lesson 77: Milk Should Be Served at Body Temperature
第七十七訓: ミルクは人肌の温度で
Lesson 78: The Maid Saw Everything
第七十八訓: 家政婦はやっぱり見てた
Lesson 79: If You Want to See Someone, Make an Appointment First
第七十九訓: 人に会うときはまずアポを
Lesson 80: Always Show Up for a Date 30 Minutes Early
第八十訓: デートは30文前行動で
Lesson 81: If You Go to Sleep with the Fan On, You'll Get a Stomachache, So Be Careful
第八十一訓: 扇風機つけっぱなしで寝ちゃうとお腹こわしちゃうから気を付けて
Lesson 82: Like a Haunted House, Life Is Filled with Horrors
第八十二訓: 渡る世間はオバケばかり
Lesson 83: Rhinoceros Beetles Teach Boys that Life Is Precious
第八十三訓: 少年はカブト虫を通し生命の尊さを知る
Lesson 84: Even an Inch-long Insect Has a Soul
第八十四訓: 一寸の虫にも五分の魂
Lesson 85: Even on the Net, Use at Least a Minimum of Courtesy
第八十五訓: ネットでも最低限のエチケットはもって

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Release: December 2, 2005
Pages: 192
ISBN-10: 4-08-873886-1
ISBN-13: 978-4-08-873886-4
Release: January 6, 2009
Pages: 210
ISBN-10: 1-4215-1623-3
ISBN-13: 978-1-4215-1623-3
Hideaki Sorachi
I went to Jump Festa / Anime Tour '05.
I was moved by seeing the readers' reactions in its purest form.
I won't forget that day.
When I was yelling from the excitement, a girl beside me was glaring.
Don't think I'll forget those eyes for the rest of my life.

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