Gintama Manga - Volume 13

After All, Your Enemy of Yesterday Is Still Your Enemy Today

Lesson 104: All Mothers Are More or Less the Same
第百四訓: どこの母ちゃんも大体同じ
Lesson 105: Don't Eat Too Much Kaki-Pi
第百五訓: 柿ピーはあんまり食べ過ぎちゃダメ
Lesson 106: Don't Make Chomping Sounds when You Eat
第百六訓: もの食べるときクチャクチャ音をたてない
Lesson 107: Men Have a Weakness for Girls Who Sell Flowers and Work in Pastry Shops
第百七訓: 花屋とかケーキ屋の娘に男は弱い
Lesson 108: Tasty Sticks Really Fill Your Stomach
第百八訓: んまい棒は意外とお腹いっぱいになる
Lesson 109: Bread Is Better than the Song of Birds
第百九訓: 華より団子
Lesson 110: At Times Like This, Don't Talk, Just Make Red Rice
第百十訓: そういう時は黙って赤飯
Lesson 111: Watch the Sakata Family Show at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesdays at the Dinner Table
第百十一訓: 火曜7時は坂田家を食卓で
Lesson 112: After All, Your Enemy of Yesterday Is Still Your Enemy Today
第百十二訓: 昨日の敵は今日もなんやかんやで敵

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Release: July 4, 2006
Pages: 192
ISBN-10: 4-08-874130-7
ISBN-13: 978-4-08-874130-7
Release: July 7, 2009
Pages: 200
ISBN-10: 1-4215-2397-3
ISBN-13: 978-1-4215-2397-2

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