Gintama Manga - Volume 19

A Schemer Gets Caught in His Own Scheme
策士 策に溺れる

Lesson 158: Most New Things Have Too Many Functions
第百五十八訓: 最近のは色々機能つきすぎ
Lesson 159: Rules Are Meant to Be Broken
第百五十九訓: 掟は破るためにこそある
Lesson 160: Otaku Are Very Talkative
第百六十訓: オタクは話好き
Lesson 161: True Fanatics Need Three Each
第百六十一訓: マニアは三つ欲しい
Lesson 162: There's a Fine Line Between One's Good Points and Bad Points
第百六十二訓: 長所と短所は紙一重
Lesson 163: A Uniform Makes You Look 20 Percent Better
第百六十三訓: 制服は二割増し
Lesson 164: Don't Play on the Railroad Tracks
第百六十四訓: 線路で遊んじゃいけません
Lesson 165: A Schemer Gets Caught in His Own Scheme
第百六十五訓: 策士 策に溺れる
Lesson 166: Important Things Are Hard to See
第百六十六訓: 大切なものは見えにくい

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Release: August 3, 2007
Pages: 192
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Release: August 3, 2010
Pages: 192
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