Gintama Manga - Volume 21

Go Straight Even If You're Bent with Age

Lesson 176: Age Brings Wisdom
第百七十六訓: 亀の甲より年の功
Lesson 177: Going Strong Despite Your Age
第百七十七訓: 老いてなお盛ん
Lesson 178: When the Kids' Summer Vacation Begins, Adults Get Excited Too
第百七十八訓: 子供の夏休みが始まると大人も何かワクワクする
Lesson 179: Beauty Is like a Summer Fruit
第百七十九訓: 美は夏の果実の如き物
Lesson 180: Go Straight Even If You're Bent with Age
第百八十訓: 腰は曲がってもまっすぐに
Lesson 181: A Man Should Drink Sake Alone While Gazing at the Moon
第百八十一訓: 男は一人で月見酒
Lesson 182: Flowers on Dead Wood
第百八十二訓: 枯れ木に花
Lesson 183: She's Happiest When She's Working
第百八十三訓: 起きて働く果報者
Lesson 184: Children Don't Know How Their Parents Feel
第百八十四訓: 親の心 子知らず

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Release: February 1, 2011
Pages: 200
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