Gintama Manga - Volume 23

People Almost Always Get into Fights on Trips

Lesson 194: Every Man Is Trapped in a Prison of His Own Making
第百九十四訓: 人は皆 自分という檻を破る脱獄囚
Lesson 195: Let's Talk About the Past Now and Then
第百九十五訓: 時には昔の話をしようか
Lesson 196: People Almost Always Get into Fights on Trips
第百九十六訓: 旅行先ではだいたいケンカする
Lesson 197: Gin and His Excellency Are Good-for-Nothings
第百九十七訓: 銀と閣下の穀潰し
Lesson 198: Skid Marks Are Unavoidable with Briefs
第百九十八訓: ブリーフのウン筋は絶対不可避
Lesson 199: Deformed Images Are Easy to Color
第百九十九訓: ディフォルメだと色塗るのが楽
Lesson 200: Let's Not Care That This Is the 200th Episode
第二百訓: 二百回とか気にしないでいこうか
Lesson 201: Be Careful When You Write an Episode About Ghosts
第二百一訓: 幽霊ネタやる時は慎重に
Lesson 202: There Are Always One or Two Cigarettes in a Pack That Smell Like Horse Dung
第二百二訓: タバコはい一箱に一、二本馬糞みたいな匂いのする奴が入っている

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Release: April 4, 2008
Pages: 192
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Release: August 2, 2011
Pages: 192
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