Gintama Manga - Volume 26

The Taste of Drinking Under Broad Daylight Is Something Special

Lesson 219: Those Who Often Say "I'm Really Gonna Do It" Hardly Ever Do
第二百十九訓: 「マジキレそうだわ」を多用する奴はまずキレない
Lesson 220: The More Evil, The Prettier The Smile
第二百二十訓: 腹黒い奴程 笑顔がキレイ
Lesson 221: There Are No Endless Nights
第二百二十一訓: 明けない夜はない
Lesson 222: Those Who Stand On Four-Legs Are Beasts, and Those Who Stand on Two-Legs, Guts and Glory, Are Men
第二百二十二訓: 四本足で立つのが獣二本足と意地と見栄で立つのが男
Lesson 223: Don't Trust Bedtime Stories
第二百二十三訓: 寝物語は信用するな
Lesson 224: Don't Trust Bar Hostesses
第二百二十四訓: 水商売の女は信用するな
Lesson 225: Wavy Hair Doesn't Change Even If It Gets Burned
第二百二十五訓: 天然パームは燃えても変わらない
Lesson 226: Stretch Out Your Hands And They'll Reach The Distance
第二百二十六訓: 手をのばす程に遠くなる
Lesson 227: The Color for Each Person's Bond Comes in Various Colors
第二百二十七訓: 絆の色は十人十色
Lesson 228: The Taste of Drinking Under Broad Daylight Is Something Special
第二百二十八訓: 昼間に飲む酒は一味違う

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Release: December 4, 2008
Pages: 216
ISBN-10: 4-08-874591-4
ISBN-13: 978-4-08-874591-6
Hideaki Sorachi
Why did my chair
end up like this
when all I'm doing is drawing manga......

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