Gintama Manga - Volume 30

The Size of Areolas are Proportionate to the Size of Humans

Tsukuyo is approached by Jiraia, her former master with a warped and crooked expectation. Gintoki confronts the inhuman teacher who betrayed his student with an anger-filled blade. But Jiraia's strength is beyond belief...... Other stores include "that girl"'s drunken behavior and a drilling at the dentist.

Lesson 256: Within 3 Minutes Babes are Fleeting, But Fuglies are Forever Immortal
第二百五十六訓: 美人は3分で飽きるがブサイクは永久不滅
Lesson 257: A Single Thread Can Ignite a Fire
第二百五十七訓: 糸一本火事の元
Lesson 258: A Teacher is Not Someone Who Leaves First, But Leaves Together
第二百五十八訓: 師は先に往く者ではなく共の往く者
Lesson 259: It's the Irresponsible One Who's Scary When Pissed
第二百五十九訓: チャランポランな奴程怒ると恐い
Lesson 260: The More Precious the Burden, The Heavier and More Difficult It Is to Shoulder It
第二百六十訓: 大切な荷ほど重く背負い難い
Lesson 261: Go and Return the Favor When You Realize It
第二百六十一訓: 恩返しは気づいた時にやっておけ
Lesson 262: Watch Out For A Set of Women and A Drink
第二百六十二訓: 酒と女はワンセットで気をつけろ
Lesson 263: No Matter How Old You Get, You Still Hate the Dentist
第二百六十三訓: 幾つになっても歯医者は嫌
Lesson 264: The Size of Areolas are Proportionate to the Size of Humans
第二百六十四訓: 乳輪のデカさと人間のデカさは比例する

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Release: September 4, 2009
Pages: 192
ISBN-10: 4-08-874728-3
ISBN-13: 978-4-08-874728-6

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