Gintama Manga - Volume 31

Popularity Polls Can Screw Themselves

After about 4 years, a character popularity poll took place. Unsatisfied with the results, the characters turn violent to change the rankings! Furthermore, their activities expand to drag even the author into this mayhem! Other stories include bee hive exterminating, Okita's samurai soul, and radio exercises.

Lesson 265: Popularity Polls Can Screw Themselves
第二百六十五訓: 人気投票なんて糞食らえ
Lesson 266: Popularity Polls Can Burn in Hell
第二百六十六訓: 人気投票なんて燃えて灰になれ
Lesson 267: Popularity Polls Can Go Take a Long Walk Off a Short Pier And Fracture Something
第二百六十七訓: 人気投票なんて豆腐の角に頭をぶつけて粉砕骨折しろ
Lesson 268: Popularity Polls Can...
第二百六十八訓: 人気投票なんて・・・
Lesson 269: The Whole Peeing on a Bee Sting Is a Myth; You'll Get Germs, So Don't Do It!!
第二百六十九訓: 蜂に刺されたら小便かけろってアレは迷信です バイ菌が入るから気をつけようね!!
Lesson 270: Beware of Foreshadows
第二百七十訓: 死亡フラグに気をつけろ
Lesson 271: There Are Things You Must Protect Even If You Have to Dirty Your Hands
第二百七十一訓: 汚れても護らなければいけないものがある
Lesson 272: It's Goodbye Once a Flag Is Set
第二百七十二訓: フラグを踏んだらサヨウナラ
Lesson 273: Radio Exercises are Socials for Boys and Girls
第二百七十三訓: ラジオ体操は少年少女の社交場

General Information

Release: November 4, 2009
Pages: 192
ISBN-10: 4-08-874749-6
ISBN-13: 978-4-08-874749-1
Hideaki Sorachi
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