Gintama Manga - Volume 32

Kabukicho Alley Cat Blues

A cat's curse transforms Gin-san into a cat! At that very moment, Gin-san (plus stray cat Katsura and wild gorilla Kondo) gets involved with a scheme called the "Stray Cat Capture Plan" which is being carried out in Kabukicho...! Other stories include the Madao observation journal, and... Ketsuno Ana's secret.

Lesson 274: An Observation Journal Should Be Seen Through To The Very End
第二百七十四訓: 観察日記は最後までやりきろう
Lesson 275: When Looking for Something, Try Using its Perspective
第二百七十五訓: 捜しものをする時はそいつの目線になって捜せ
Lesson 276: Shimura Already Knows When You Say "Shimura, Behind Yoooou"!!
第二百七十六訓: 「志村うしろォォォ」ってアレホントは志村気づいてんたぜ!!
Lesson 277: Freedom Means to Live True to Yourself, not Without Law!
第二百七十七訓: 自由とは無法ではなく己のルールで生きること
Lesson 278: Drag Idiots By Their Tails
第二百七十八訓: 猫と尻尾は使いよう
Lesson 279: Kabukicho Alley Cat Blues
第二百七十九訓: かぶき町野良猫ブルース
Lesson 280: Cooking is About Guts
第二百八十訓: 料理は根性
Lesson 281: Whenever I Hear Leviathan, I Think of Sazae-san. Stupid Me!!
第二百八十一訓: リヴァイアサンってきいたらどうしてもサザエさんがチラつく俺のバカ!!
Lesson 282: Not Losing to the Rain
第二百八十二訓: 雨ニモ負ケズ

General Information

Release: January 4, 2010
Pages: 192
ISBN-10: 4-08-874785-2
ISBN-13: 978-4-08-874785-9
Hideaki Sorachi
My stomach was sticking out
so I went out for a walk,
but after I passed by a family restaurant on the way,
I came back fat.

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