Gintama Manga - Volume 33

That's How I Wish To Be, Beautiful and Strong

For many years, Edo has been protected by the two families of the world's finest diviners (onmyoji), the Ketsuno and the Shirino. But with a deep fate binding both families together, a "Weather War" breaks out to inflict pain to Ketsuno Ana! And the Yorozuya are unarmed; can they convince their only possible ally Gedomaru to join them in the battle!? There's a Santa story too!

Lesson 283: A Movie's Expectations Are As High As The Audience's Sitting Height
第二百八十三訓: 映画の期待値の高さと前の観客の座高は比例する
Lesson 284: Not Losing to the Wind
第二百八十四訓: 風ニモ負けず
Lesson 285: Not Losing to the Storm
第二百八十五訓: 嵐ニモ負ケズ
Lesson 286: Not Losing to a Meteor
第二百八十六訓: 隕石ニモ負ケズ
Lesson 287: Not Losing to a Heretical Demon
第二百八十七訓: 天魔外道ニモ負ケズ
Lesson 288: Never Losing That Smile
第二百八十八訓: イカナル時ニモ笑顔ヲ絶ヤサナイ
Lesson 289: That's How I Wish To Be, Beautiful and Strong
第二百八十九訓: ソンナ強ク美シイモノニ私ハナリタイ
Lesson 290: Santa Claus Red is Blood Red
第二百九十訓: サンタクロースの赤は血の色
Lesson 291: What Santa Delivers Are Not Presents, But Dreams
第二百九十一訓: サンタが届けるはプレゼントではなく夢

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Release: April 2, 2010
Pages: 192
ISBN-10: 4-08-870021-X
ISBN-13: 978-4-08-870021-2
Hideaki Sorachi
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