Gintama Manga - Volume 38

The Man's Household Situation is Considerably Hard

Lesson 329: The Man's Household Situation is Considerably Hard
第三百二十九訓: おっさんの家庭事情は大分ハード
Lesson 330: An Old Man's Heart is Soft on the Outside
第三百三十訓: おっさんのハートは以外とソフト
Lesson 331: Field Trips Let Adults Learn a Whole Bunch of Things
第三百三十一訓: 社会見学は大人にとっても学ぶ事の多い場
Lesson 332: You Honestly Won't Be Able to Recall Things Like a Tour to a Factory
第三百三十二訓: 工場見学とか正直一つたりとも記憶に残ってねェ
Lesson 333: People Forget to Return Stuff All the Time Without Even Realizing It
第三百三十三訓: 人は知らないうちに借りパクという罪を犯している
Lesson 334: You're Stark-Naked at a Public Bath, Body and Soul
第三百三十四訓: 銭湯では身も心も丸裸
Short Story: Bankara-san, Passing Through
読切作品: ばんからさんが通る

General Information

Release: February 4, 2011
Pages: 192
ISBN-10: 4-08-870176-3
ISBN-13: 978-4-08-870176-9
Hideaki Sorachi
This is volume 38 which contains "Bankara-san is Coming Through", a one-shot that I literally scraped my soul for to oppose the Legend Army. Please listen to "Take off the sailor uniform" when you read it.

(Note: Jump featured one-shots under the title "Top of the Super Legends")

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