Gintama Manga - Volume 4

Sons Only Take After Their Father's Negative Attributes

Lesson 23: You Only Gotta Wash Under Your Armpits--Just the Armpits
第二十三訓: 脇だけ洗っときゃいいんだよ 脇だけ
Lesson 24: Exaggerate the Tales of Your Exploits by a Third, So Everyone Has a Good Time
第二十四訓: 昔の武勇伝は三割増で話せ盛り上ればいいんだよ 盛り上れば
Lesson 25: You Say Kawaii so Often, You Must Really Think You're Cute Stuff
第二十五訓: カワイイを連発する自分自身をカワイイと思ってんだろ お前ら
Lesson 26: You Can Forget to Bring Spare Undies on a Voyage, but Don't Forget UNO
第二十六訓: 旅にはパンツは忘れてもUNOは忘れるな
Lesson 27: When You're in a Fix, Keep on Laughing, Laughing...
第二十七訓: 困った時は笑っとけ笑っとけ
Lesson 28: Oh, Yeah! Our Crib Is Number One!
第二十八訓: ああ やっぱり我が家が一番だわ
Lesson 29: You Really Think You Can Study for Exams While Listening to Music?! Turn It off Already!
第二十九訓: 音楽なんて聴きながら受験勉強なんてできると思ってんのか お前ら! もう切りなさい!
Lesson 30: It's Not the Bad Guys Who Cause Calamities, It's the Hyperactive Types
第三十訓: 事件は悪い奴が起こすんじゃないはしゃぎすぎた奴が起こすんだ
Lesson 31: Sons Only Take After Their Father's Negative Attributes
第三十一訓: 親子ってのは嫌なとこばかり似るもんだ

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